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We are a Synthetic Grass manufacturer located in Dalton, GA. USA.

A single facility, owned by a single owner who works as CEO. We don't use raw materials from China and all our products are designed and manufactured in house. Our turf is made by expert operators, full time employees who are happy and concentrated on making the best work possible. Our machines are brand new. All of our organization is managed in such an efficient way that the bulk of our resources are used for raw materials and quality instead of overhead.

We sell only through installers and not directly to the end user because we believe that this industry should be led by local companies, experts on installing the turf and helping the end user to find the optimum solution to their projects. We will stand in our position as manufacturers, working together with our dealers to grow their businesses. Instead of competing with them, giving them technical and manufacturing support to react to changing market trends and needs.

Neo-Turf was created by Julio Cachay (owner and CEO) in March 2010, with the idea of being a small, differentiated manufacturer instead of a big corporation. Mr. Julio Cachay previously owns another manufacturing facility located in Lima, Peru since 2008. Before that, since 2005, he was also owner of a synthetic turf sales/installation company. He is an expert in designing and manufacturing synthetic turf. Neo-Turf doesn't have a sales team, but sales are managed directly by the CEO, as all our customers are small/medium size companies. This improves the quality of the relationship between our company and our customers, and most of all helps us to respond fast.

Neo-Turf factory and offices are located in 2702-B South Dixie Hwy, Dalton, GA. 30720. USA.

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