Neo-Turf Advantage

High Quality Synthetic Grass manufactured in the USA

No Raw Materials from China

Neo-Turf Advantage

Neo-Turf was created in March 2010, this was a year of worldwide economic crisis. To make it more difficult, the owner decided that the company would only service export markets during the first year. These markets are extremely competitive with overseas manufactured turf, and in these markets, a USA manufacturer doesn’t have the advantage of being local.

So, why do this? The idea behind this strategy was to build up Neo-Turf as an extremely efficient company, able to generate enough value to compete within these conditions.

By the end of 2011, Neo-Turf was selling 100 % of its production to export markets in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Guatemala.

In October 2012, we decided to expand our sales for landscape and sport turf within the USA market but remain small, efficient and competitive.

Neo-Turf is a small manufacturer when compared to its competitors. We exist because the way this company was build up, most of our resources will end up in turf raw materials and quality rather than in overhead and management.

Neo-Turf utilizes raw materials made by well-known manufacturers and is formed by a team of hard working people, full time employees that are part of the vision of the company, led by the CEO and owner of the company, that, yes, is always there, working to make this company the best quality synthetic turf manufacturer in the world.

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